Happy April First!

This is one of eight different commercials running heavily all day April 1st on all six commercial radio stations in the market.  (If the local NPR affiliate would allow it, they’d be running there, too.)  It’s a special one-day campaign, replacing the advertiser’s usual radio commercials.

Though the advertiser’s delivery and jingle sound the same as always, the copy is…a little different.  Listeners hearing these spots for the first time will do a double-take.  They’ll shake their heads and chuckle.

More than a few will spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about this advertiser, grateful for both the surprise and levity.

We know this because it’s what happened last year on April 1st when we did this for the very first time.  The response was delightful.  So, this year we’ve added three new spots to the five we produced last year.

To say that these guys have learned how to talk to their customers on radio is an understatement. Since shifting their focus from promotions to branding, and their ad budget from a print-heavy media mix to 90+% in radio, they’ve nearly doubled their annual sales.

No foolin’.

About rodspots

40-year Radio Advertising Sales Professional and award-winning ad writer. Creator of Powerful Radio Advertising Solutions for Small Business.
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