RADIO (Still) Gets Results!

The fact that I retrieved this presentation from a cassette tape tells you something about how long ago I put it together. (Hint: it was before we recorded onto flash memory cards, before we emailed MP3 files, even before we burned CD’s. Seinfeld was airing in prime time, yada-yada-yada.)

Nonetheless, it’s worth sharing.

Thinking about recent client success stories and how best to share them at RSC reminded me of this presentation I cobbled together (when we were still recording on 4-track tapes) to share some of my clients’ success stories with prospective advertisers. It was our local implementation of the RAB’s original “Radio Gets Results” initiative some fifteen years ago.

Back then, I’d give a copy of the cassette tape to a new potential client and ask him to listen to it in the car, driving to or from work. It proved an effective means of establishing credibility with new prospects, and opened many opportunities to help them with their advertising.

Today, a presentation of this sort would likely be posted on a station’s own website, probably via video uploaded to You Tube and pushed to other social networks.

Running time’s about nine minutes, which is 7 minutes longer than I’d make it today. Face it, we live in an era of short attention spans.  Better to have more testimonials in a shorter format, methinks.

That said, the clients and their stories were/are real.

About Rod Schwartz

Rod Schwartz backed into a lifelong career in radio advertising in 1973 in Springfield, Illinois. He joined the Pullman (Wash.) Radio Group in 1979, where he worked until his retirement at the end of 2022. Since 1991, Rod and his family have operated Grace Broadcast Sales (, providing short-form syndicated radio features to radio and TV stations across the U.S. and Canada. Rod also operates an independent advertising, marketing, and communications consultancy for small business owners and professionals, An avid photographer, Rod shares some of his favorite images of the Palouse at and on his Viewbug gallery.
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2 Responses to RADIO (Still) Gets Results!

  1. dbwatts414 says:

    Rod this would appear to be a very interesting piece, but audio stops and starts every two seconds. Do you have an alternate delivery method?

    Keep up the great work and thanks so much to your and Rebecca for the amazing universe of RSC!!!


  2. rodspots says:

    Sorry you had trouble with the audio file. Not sure what to say – haven’t had that problem when I tried it (and I have to access it the same way everyone else does).
    Is your Adobe Flash Player up-to-date? (You can get free update at
    Or perhaps it’s a matter of letting the file cache fully in your browser, then replaying.
    Notwithstanding, I’ll try to obtain an alternate means for you to hear or download the presentation.


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