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Words and Voices, the Art of Persuasion

I create radio advertising campaigns for a living. Words are the tools of my trade. Words give wings to ideas and make them soar. Words move people, products, and services. Words turn strangers into customers, and customers into evangelists. But … Continue reading

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Remember Your Customers’ Birthdays and They’ll Remember You!

One of the definitions of elegance is simplicity. When it comes to promotions, I’m a big believer in keeping things simple – especially in this age of the 11-second attention span. Here’s a promotion any radio station or advertiser can … Continue reading

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Ol’ Smudgy Takes a Page from Radio’s Playbook

You have to admit, this does not look like a typical newspaper ad: This ad has been running recently in The (Spokane, WA) Spokesman-Review — not in the classifieds, as the image above might suggest, but in the first section … Continue reading

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Raiders of the Lost (Radio) Advertising Budget

Advertising dollars are scarce in the best of times. Competition is always fierce. But in today’s economy, can any businessperson afford to squander his limited advertising budget? You wouldn’t think so. There have never been more places for advertisers to … Continue reading

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