Best-Selling Wizard of Ads Trilogy…FREE!

If Roy H. Williams has advertised this elsewhere, I’ve not seen it.  But earlier this week, as I was poking around the Wizard’s website, I happened to notice that he’s making available FREE (for how long?) all three of his best-selling advertising and business books, THE WIZARD OF ADS, SECRET FORMULAS OF THE WIZARD OF ADS, and MAGICAL WORLDS OF THE WIZARD OF ADS, in both print and audio versions that can be downloaded right to your computer.


Over the past decade, few people have made a greater contribution to successful small business advertising than Roy H. Williams, whose New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling books have made him a worldwide phenomenon in the advertising community.  (“Turning Dreamers into Millionaires” has proved to be no mere slogan!)

You may have seen this cover of RadioINK back in 1998 or 1999, I don’t recall exactly, but it was when Mr. Williams was offering radio stations a collection of his advertising training videos in exchange for running commercials promoting his new book. Eric Rhoads dubbed the Wizard “Radio’s Knight in Shining Armor,” on account of his unabashed and infectious enthusiasm for the power of local radio advertising and the effect of this on radio advertising salespeople.

I’ve read and reread the books in their original published format and more recently have enjoyed listening to the audio versions on multiple CD’s.  I’ve also purchased copies of his books and his DVD, The Most Common Mistakes in Advertising (worth its weight in gold, without qualification) to hand out to clients as well.  And most recently, I’ve enjoyed Roy’s monthly “Wizard of Ads Live” webcasts.

If you’ve never read his books, or if you don’t have copies close at hand, this is an opportunity you really should jump on while you can.  Roy has made his famous Wizard Trilogy: THE WIZARD OF ADS, SECRET FORMULAS OF THE WIZARD OF ADS, and MAGICAL FORMULAS OF THE WIZARD OF ADS, available FREE in both a print (.pdf) format and an audio (.mp3) format.  (A quick search on “Wizard of Ads” at Amazon will show you what these books and audiobooks would set you back if you were to purchase them there.)

My recommendation?  Go get them now!  Just START reading. The chapters are bite-sized and easy to digest. You’ll probably find it hard to stop at just one.

The .mp3 versions are particularly nice, since they can be burned to CD or copied to your iPod or iPhone, so you can listen while you’re driving between appointments or doing chores on weekends.

How can you beat a deal like this?

About Rod Schwartz

Rod Schwartz backed into a lifelong career in radio advertising in 1973 in Springfield, Illinois. He joined the Pullman (Wash.) Radio Group in 1979, where he worked until his retirement at the end of 2022. Since 1991, Rod and his family have operated Grace Broadcast Sales (, providing short-form syndicated radio features to radio and TV stations across the U.S. and Canada. Rod also operates an independent advertising, marketing, and communications consultancy for small business owners and professionals, An avid photographer, Rod shares some of his favorite images of the Palouse at and on his Viewbug gallery.
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  1. Thank you, Rod, for the tip. In my radio days, I’d photocopied a Monday Morning Memo essay called “Hardwood, Hammer and Nail” — a very powerful description of the value of repetition — to hand to clients. it had disappeared when I cleaned out my desk at Clear Channel.

    When I downloaded the pdf’s, a quick search for “Hardwood” turned up the essay in the first book. It’s just as good as I remembered.


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