Some Mighty Fine Radio Work!

This year’s Radio Mercury Awards competition include some real gems produced by radio station creatives.

Among my favorites, these spots for garage door specialist Buy Doors Direct:

A catchy tune, real humor that stays anchored to the sales message, an engaging presentation of benefits,  clear call-to-action and a single point of contact – well done, Clear Channel!

Visiting my hometown of Chicago last September for the first time in many years (thanks to the NAB/RAB Radio Show), I couldn’t get used to the all the NOISE everywhere in the downtown area, incessant, pervasive…no wonder people there seem so restless.  It gave me renewed appreciation for living in this garden spot called the Palouse, a kind of place people in Chicago might pay big bucks to get away to.   This spot, created by Tribune broadcasting, does an effective job of selling noise-weary Windy City denizens a destination for relaxation relatively close to home:

Speaking of closer to home, the KXLY Broadcast Group up in Spokane created this gem for Kokanee Beer:

For Seattle residents wondering where Spring went, Bonneville Radio answers the question in this fine spot for the Yakima Visitor’s Bureau:

To hear more great radio work, visit the Radio Mercury Awards 2012 Finalists library here.


P.S.  Yes, I did enter one of my spots into this year’s competition.  No, it didn’t make the final cut.  Yes, I’m a little disappointed.  No, I’m not really surprised.  Yes, you can listen to it here.  Thanks for asking.

About Rod Schwartz

Rod Schwartz backed into a lifelong career in radio advertising in 1973 in Springfield, Illinois. He joined the Pullman (Wash.) Radio Group in 1979, where he worked until his retirement at the end of 2022. Since 1991, Rod and his family have operated Grace Broadcast Sales (, providing short-form syndicated radio features to radio and TV stations across the U.S. and Canada. Rod also operates an independent advertising, marketing, and communications consultancy for small business owners and professionals, An avid photographer, Rod shares some of his favorite images of the Palouse at and on his Viewbug gallery.
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