Testimonial Ads Earn High Marks from the Wizard of Ads®

Most people reading this blog know who Roy H. Williams is. The Wizard of Ads®, founder of Wizard Academy and the American Small Business Institute, author of the best-selling Wizard of Ads® trilogy and co-author with partners Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg of Be Like Amazon (Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It). He dispenses his wisdom weekly in his long-running free newsletter, the Monday Morning Memo.

A year ago, I was asked to update the tags to my client Clearview Eye Clinic’s testimonial commercials, to introduce the new surgeon who’d joined the practice. I had misgivings about messing with the commercials that had taken so long to put together and were working well. So, I decided to enlist the help of Roy H. Williams and wrote to him in advance of the August 16, 2016 “Wizard of Ads Live” webcast (now rebranded as the monthly videos of the AmericanSmallBusinessInstitute.org).

His generous response blew me away.

I’ve written before about testimonial advertising, how it’s painstaking work to do it right and have the people come across as real and genuine, not contrived. Even if what they’re saying is true, if it sounds contrived or uncomfortable the ad will not have the desired effect. When you hear these ads and the people come across as authentic and believable, know that a great deal of work went into putting these stories together.

Rather than telling you what he had to say, I’ll let you hear it from the Wizard himself. Thanks to Daniel Whittington of Wizard Academy for allowing me to share the video.


About Rod Schwartz

Rod Schwartz backed into a lifelong career in radio advertising in 1973 in Springfield, Illinois. He joined the Pullman (Wash.) Radio Group in 1979, where he worked until his retirement at the end of 2022. Since 1991, Rod and his family have operated Grace Broadcast Sales (GraceBroadcast.com), providing short-form syndicated radio features to radio and TV stations across the U.S. and Canada. Rod also operates an independent advertising, marketing, and communications consultancy for small business owners and professionals, FirstStrikeAdvertising.com. An avid photographer, Rod shares some of his favorite images of the Palouse at PalousePics.com and on his Viewbug gallery.
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