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Expert Use of Radio Advertising by LASIK and Cataract Surgery Specialist – Another Radio Advertising Success Story

As radio advertising professionals, our job is to help businesses tell their stories in a way that engages the listener’s imagination. This is because the ultimate destination of any advertising message is the consumer’s brain, where judgments are made about … Continue reading

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Dazzling Them With Brilliance in Moscow, ID

You can’t drive by this thing without noticing it.  And that, of course, was the whole idea: make it BIG, COLORFUL, and IN YOUR FACE!!  The first time I saw it, I thought, “WOW! Brilliant marketing, Tri-State!!” Each side of … Continue reading

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Advertising Slogans We’d Love to See – Any Mass Retailer

Lowest Prices of the Season* *and by that we mean “until the next time we say ‘Lowest Prices of the Season.’” Ever ask yourself what all these stores mean when they advertise “lowest prices of the season” or “biggest sale … Continue reading

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An Advertising Slogan We’d Love to See – Casino

Drove past this billboard some years ago and had to snap a picture of it. “Where winning happens,” the casino’s headline cheerfully proclaims. And winning does happen, of course. Occasionally. I wonder if they’d entertain an alternate headline: “What Have You Got … Continue reading

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